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There is a standard for truth. Discover whether you have what it takes to find it!
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Updates / Actualizaciones:

Bible Highlights on
                        Youtube Watch 7 playlists of
(5-10 minute) videos.
Special Topics Cultural divide, sex & dating, marriage, parenting, morality, etc.
Starting Points for
                        Religion Find the one true standard for truth.
Compare religions & religious leaders.
Twisted Passages
                        and Things NOT in the Bible Things in the Bible may sober you.
Things not in there may surprise you!
Bible Basics ONE MINUTE overview.
Fundamental themes
Pesky Passages Comments on verses that may need a bit of explaining
Evidence for God
                        and the Bible 9 meaty lessons for the serious seeker;
Prophecies about, & miracles of, Jesus
Bible Class
                        Materials Ready-to-print and use,
in multiples of 13 lessons.
Discern Bible
                        Authority Which parts of the New Testament
are for us to follow?
Comments for the
                        Collection and Lord's Supper Coordinated comments for the
and the Lord's Supper.
The Salvation
                        Corner All about how to be saved.
Harmonizes verses about salvation.
Illustrations and
                        Outlines Illustrations for teaching the complex and abstract. You flesh out the outlines.
Church Matters Are you doing your part
as an active member
of Christ's body?
Poems, Quotables,
                        Jokes Some for fun,
some make a point
The Question
                        Corner FAQs; Ask the right questions;
Answer the hard questions!
Lecciones en
                        español Más de 100 sermones, lecciones, estudios, y folletos.

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