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Bible Class Materials

Please use these materials freely and often.
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Class Materials

These are high-school or adult-level study materials, with notes and questions, in .pdf files and written by InkMan, unless otherwise noted.

Bible-Book Class Materials:

Genesis (13 lessons; 46 pages; Includes notes, maps, and charts.)

Judges & Ruth (13 lessons. Includes notes, maps, and charts.) Student edition | Teacher edition

Ecclesiastes (Every verse in Ecclesiastes arranged topically in 13 lessons.) Or, get the Word version of the Ecclesiastes lessons so you can edit the syllabus and keep the page numbers clickable.

Mark (12 lessons, including a review. The materials were designed to accommodate a gospel meeting.)

Acts (26 lessons; 62 pages; Includes King James word-matching to their definitions, maps, and many questions.)

Reference: Reconciling Paul's Early Travels (1-page table aligning events in Acts and Galatians)

Galatians 13 lessons; 35 pages; Includes notes and "extras" on topics such as ...

    • False Apostles/Prophets/Teachers/Angels
    • When God Changes His Mind
    • Revelation and Inspiration
    • Peter's Problems and His Position
    • God's Three Laws
    • God's Three Promises to Abraham
    • Locations of the Red Sea Crossing and Mount Sinai
    • The Change of Covenants
    • "It's a Package Deal"
    • "430 Years Later": A Contradiction in Scripture?

1 John through Jude (13 lessons; 28 pages; Mostly just questions, but includes two lessons with material on Gnosticism)

Topical Study Class Materials:

Foundations of Faith (13 lessons; 48 pages; Prophets, Apostles, and Jesus: Miracles, Teachings, Prophecies)

Becoming Members of the Household of God (13 lessons; 30 pages; Attitudes and obedience; 7 lessons overlap w/Acts)

Redemption (13 lessons; 31 pages; God's Plan for Saving Man; Man Needs a Savior; Five Key Old Testament Passages; God's Promises to Abraham; The Law of Moses; The Nation of Israel; Jesus: The ULTIMATE Prophet, Priest, and King; The Life of Christ; Establishing the Church; Miraculous Spiritual Gifts; The Spread of the Gospel, The End of the Plan)

Favorite Old Testament Lessons (26 lessons; Adult-level questions; Chart on Adam/Eve/The Serpent; Key Passages about Sodom; The Timing of the Plagues; Lessons from Samson & Delilah; Lessons from David & Goliath)

Evidences (9 meaty lessons; 45 pages; by a contributing writer)

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