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a penBible / Biblia

NOTE: These links are provided as a service because of their value as online Bible texts in many translations, although several of the doctrines taught by the sites' hosts are not biblically accurate. — Includes a link to download free Bible software. — Many translations available, plus a search engine.

a penBible Study and Tools / Herramientas para Estudiar la Biblia Note the potential for disagreement with some of their resources.

CopelandPublications The Simplified Summary of the Old Testament (Eng. and Spanish versions); a 26-lesson workbook for studying the Old Testament; children's resources in Spanish and English; music; more. by Ferrell Jenkins (Includes a page of resources about "The DaVinci Code" and much more)

a penBible Maps

See maps starting at and

a penChurch Web Sites (On-line Bible correspondence course; audiotaped sermons to download) (Good articles and information) (Good sections on "Family Home Study" and "I Am A Christian Now," plus articles and sermons) (The May/June 2006 issue of Abundant Life, the Westside church's monthly paper, is a special 12 page issue dealing with the book and movie, "The DaVinci Code." Articles include "Who are the Gnostics?," "Does the Bible oppress women?," "How was Scripture put together?," "Can we trust the Bible?," "Is Jesus divine?," and more. The issue is a comprehensive review of the film.) (PowerPoint and audio sermons, including a series on evidences by Jeff Smith, and more)

a penEstudios Bíblicos en Español (por Mario Javier Moreno Chavez de Managua, Nicaragua) (Artículos en español e inglés) (Sitio de la iglesia en Long Beach, California)

FirmesEnLaFe (por Alfredo Chee Amador de Nicaragua) (Portal de varios predicadores) (por Juan Canelo en Chile)

a penWorld Religions (An excellent read; a main sources for much of the "Religions" page) (Quotes from the Koran about Islam)

a penBible-Lands Tour Information

a penChurch Finder "Assembly locations of Christians near you."
Good site with other Bible materials. (Has several international listings)


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