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Who Is Inkman?

Hmmm... "50-ish/m/AL" doesn't say much, and I doubt you care about my shirt size. So try this:

I love to laugh, and I love to see others laugh. But I can talk all day and night about serious things like faith, God, our souls, love, sin, salvation, eternity...

I love to see beautiful sunsets, and clouds, and hills. But I believe in invisible things like faith, God, our souls, love, sin, salvation, eternity...

I love to blow raspberries at babies, and I love it more when they blow one back.

I like to be around people, but after a while, I like to be by myself.

I love my children and am only sorry for the times I've been impatient with them.

I love my wife and am only sorry for not communicating and connecting better over the years. (Don't give up, "Sweetie," I'm still working on it!)

I love Jesus Christ and want to see Him some day. I want to hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord." Nothing else really matters.

My story

I was raised by Christian parents who taught me and showed me what was real and really important in life. They protected me and sheltered me, not from life, but from as many evils in this world as possible. They provided a happy, stable environment, and always guided me toward situations that would benefit me. (Thank you, Mom and Dad!)

I reached a point where I had to ask the hard questions, such as "Is the faith in which I've been raised the true and only way to serve God?" I was blessed to have friends and teachers who were patient with me. They taught me how to ask the right questions and showed me how to find solid answers.

I went straight from dorm life to married life, and consider my wife to be my greatest blessing on earth -- and not (just) for her cooking. {:-)

Now I have a day job, a house in the suburbs (complete with mortgage), and a cat named Luna. I travel when I can and try to share the gospel with anyone who will listen.

Why the "Pen Name"?


Contact me, and you'll have a "pen pal" who will always treat you with respect and show you the love of God. And I'll even tell you my name. {;-)

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