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Outlines (You flesh 'em out, as needed.)

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At the Cross:

If You Are The Son of God (.pdf file)

People at the Foot of the Cross (.pdf file)

Seven Sayings of the Cross (.pdf file)

God's Plan:

According to the Plan (.pdf file)

Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy (from Class Materials, above, "Foundations of Faith")

They Misunderstood Jesus (before, during, and after the crucifixion) (.pdf file)

Christ's Blood is Like an Insurance Policy


Jesus and the Gentiles (FULL TEXT, .pdf file)
Accompanying PowerPoint show on Ephesians 3:1-6

The Fields Are White (.pdf file)

How Beautiful Are The Feet... (Bilingual file; .pdf)

Lessons in Luke:

Imitate The Rich Man (.pdf file)

"They Have Moses and the Prophets" (PowerPoint Show; Audio File; .Pdf File)

The Good Samaritan (.pdf file)

Faith and Spiritual Growth:

Signs of Spritual Weakness (.pdf file)


Steps to Maturity (.pdf file)

Martha's Faith

Building on the Rock (.pdf file)

Prayer for the Nation:

Pray for the Nation (Sermon Outline) (.pdf file)

Pray for the Nation (Sermon In Song) (.pdf file)


3 Choices Christians Make (.pdf file)

Choices (.pdf file)

Choices God Makes (.pdf file)

Get God; Get Hope (.pdf file)


Rejoice (.pdf file)

Enter into the Joy of Your Lord (.pdf file)


Is Your Heart Right?

Are All Your Sons Here? (.pdf file)

Lessons from Animal Sacrifices (.pdf file)

Obedience (Bilingual file; .pdf)

Leave No Doubt (.pdf file)

Things That Keep Me Humble (.pdf file)

Influence (.pdf file)

Why I'm Not Afraid To Die (.pdf file)

Living Ready to Die (.pdf file; appropriate for a short talk)

Trumpets and Shouts (.pdf file; appropriate for a short talk)

A Surprise Visit (.pdf file; appropriate for a short talk)

Devices of the Devil (.pdf file)

What Is That In Your Hand? (.pdf part 1; .pdf part 2; .pps show)

Old Age: Barzillai, by David Smitherman (.pdf file)


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