(You made a guess about the length of the pen, right?
No changing your guess, now!)
Please pause for just a moment to consider
what does NOT determine the length
of the pen:

Not ...

Majority - 1,000,000,000 wrong guesses don't change the length of the pen. Celebrity - No movie star or sports hero can change the length of the pen. Family Tradition - Your grandmother can't change the length of the pen just by saying it's 20 inches long... and you'd be foolish to go along with her! Length of Time - Believing the pen is 20 inches long for 20 years wouldn't make the pen 20 inches long, would it? Emotional Appeal - If a TV preacher cries and begs and gets down on his knees wanting you to believe the pen is 20 inches long... the pen would not change, and you'd be wrong to believe what he said. Wishful Thinking - You wish the pen were 20 inches long? "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride...."

Now, to find out the true length of the pen, answer three simple questions correctly:

Fork in the road

Question #1:

Would you bet your LIFE on your guess?

Choose Your Answer: Yes, or, No.

(You can keep trying till you get all three questions right.)



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