Letters to Pepaw

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"Letters to Pepaw" is a series of four, short, heart-felt appeals from a granddaughter to her grandfather encouraging self-examination of his condition before God.

Background: The grandfather has been very ill, close to death, in fact, and she has been praying for him, concerned about his health, but even more about his soul. He has been religious, and his wife is a Christian, but he belongs to a denomination. The granddaughter, "Melissa," knows that the denomination to which he belongs does not teach the true gospel plan of salvation, and she has concerns about his spiritual condition. On the phone, he claimed to be confident as he likely faces - likely before too long! - his death and the sealing of his destiny, but he then surprisingly said that it would be too upsetting to discuss. Because confidence usually brings with it a measure of serenity, and not upset, this didn't make the grandfather sound very sure of his state before God. With genuine concern for his soul, respect for his position as her elder, and great love for her dear "Pepaw," she sets her pen to the paper to try and help him lay hold of salvation with full assurance of faith!

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