My Preaching Pen


"My needs are met; thank you, Jesus!" (There's a great story behind that quote from a dirt-poor Christian in Jamaica.) You can download all my religious files and copy them to your heart's content for free. Except for the Bible Highlights DVD, I do not sell my Bible-related materials, so you should not sell them, either; just use them and share them, and thank God to the extent that they help you understand His holy word.

The cost for hosting this site on the internet is being carried by an individual Christian. Other expenses related to maintaining this site have been minimal and are not worth listing. My local congregation has paid one-time printing expenses for some of the Spanish materials and allows me to use their copier for my Spanish sermons when I travel to preach.

If you want to contribute financially, beyond your contributions to your local congregation, to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, I can recommend the following web site: It is run by individual Christians and has no connection with any congregation or church. Its purpose is to help support preachers and needy Christians outside the United States who need financial support. They have needs (medical, nutritional, housing, etc.) that are not always being met or are being met only minimally. In spite of banking fees/wire transfers and administrative costs, over 96% of the funds go directly to the people being supported, and donations are tax deductible.

Thank you!

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