In Tune With Life

by Lawrence H. “Larry” Roberts

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The light of love within the heart is bright
For those who know the way of truth divine;
They know that life is good, and though finite,
Are one with God because of His design.
All life is from the same eternal source.
The fowl, the fish, the man, the grass and tree
Are one, because they are, each one, the force
Of life in varied forms of harmony.
The wisdom of the great design is soon
Revealed to those who are the chosen few;
And peace is known by those who are in tune
With that great force of life and love. ‘Tis true.
We can each day to some degree attune
Our lives to His and thus with Him commune.

Note from the author: This poem is a Shakespearean Sonnet; fourteen iambic pentameter lines, with rhyme scheme of: ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GG.

Note from InkMan: While this poem rightly emphasizes the fact that God is the "eternal source" of all life, the Bible is clear that only humans have a soul. Therefore, humans should have dominion over the other creatures (Genesis 1) and humans should prepare themselves for their eternal destiny (Ecclesiastes chapters 3 & 12; John 5:18-30; 2 Corinthians 5:10; etc.).
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