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The Bible begins with God, the Creator, simply speaking the universe into existence. He provided His creation every blessing, in a paradise in which people could live with access to the Tree of Life, with God in their midst. Everything He made was good, and He made man and woman pure and innocent.

God's limitless power gives Him the right to tell people how to live, and His love compels Him to give instructions only in people's best interest. His holiness means that He will continue to dwell with people and have fellowship with them only as long as they remain pure.

But man and woman chose to disobey God – they sinned, as we all do. Man and woman were tempted by their own desires to disobey God's instructions. In their weakness, they believed a lie; in their selfishness, they followed momentary pleasures and a false promise of becoming equal to their Creator… and they fell into disobedience and sin.

Our holy God will not tolerate sin in His presence cannot allow sinful people to be in His presence, but through His love He provided a way to cleanse us from sin. He used His power to come in human form, a man named Jesus (or, Immanuel, which means “God with us”). He lived sinlessly and died willingly to be the substitute who would pay the penalty for our sins.

Thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus, the Bible ends with a beautiful picture of people made pure and free from sin returning to God's presence, with endless access to the Tree of Life.


Written by Ink Man

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