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Bible Class Materials

Please use these materials freely and often.
Copy them. Share them. Do not sell them.

Class Materials

High-school or Adult-level study materials, with notes and questions. All by InkMan, unless noted.
These are .pdf files; most are large. For best results,
download them to your computer.

Bible Book Class Materials:

Genesis (13 lessons; 46 pages; Includes notes, maps, and charts.)

Judges & Ruth (13 lessons; 39 pages; Includes notes, maps, and charts.)

Ecclesiastes (Every verse in Ecclesiastes arranged topically in 13 lessons; 30-some pages as a PDF.) Or, get the Word version of the Ecclesiastes lessons so you can edit the syllabus and keep the page numbers clickable.

Mark (12 lessons, including a review. The materials were designed to accommodate a gospel meeting.)

Acts (26 lessons; 62 pages; Includes King James word-matching to their definitions, maps, and many questions.)

Reference: Reconciling Paul's Early Travels (1-page table aligning events in Acts and Galatians)

Galatians 13 lessons; 35 pages; Includes notes and "extras" on topics such as ...

    • False Apostles/Prophets/Teachers/Angels
    • When God Changes His Mind
    • Revelation and Inspiration
    • Peter's Problems and His Position
    • God's Three Laws
    • God's Three Promises to Abraham
    • Locations of the Red Sea Crossing and Mount Sinai
    • The Change of Covenants
    • "It's a Package Deal"
    • "430 Years Later": A Contradiction in Scripture?

1 John through Jude (13 lessons; 28 pages; Mostly just questions, but includes two lessons with material on Gnosticism)

Toical Study Class Materials:

Foundations of Faith (13 lessons; 48 pages; Prophets, Apostles, and Jesus: Miracles, Teachings, Prophecies)

Becoming Members of the Household of God (13 lessons; 30 pages; Attitudes and obedience; 7 lessons overlap w/Acts)

Redemption (13 lessons; 31 pages; God's Plan for Saving Man; Man Needs a Savior; Five Key Old Testament Passages; God's Promises to Abraham; The Law of Moses; The Nation of Israel; Jesus: The ULTIMATE Prophet, Priest, and King; The Life of Christ; Establishing the Church; Miraculous Spiritual Gifts; The Spread of the Gospel, The End of the Plan)

Favorite Old Testament Lessons (26 lessons; Adult-level questions; Chart on Adam/Eve/The Serpent; Key Passages about Sodom; The Timing of the Plagues; Lessons from Samson & Delilah; Lessons from David & Goliath)

Evidences (9 meaty lessons; 45 pages; by a contributing writer)

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